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The Startling Truth About Weight Loss

Most weight loss plans fail. In a study conducted by Dr. Albert Stunkard, he found that 95 percent of people who lost weight regained it within months or a few years—sometimes even weighing more than they were when they started dieting!

While this fact is alarming, the reason it happens is quite simple. People typically make drastic changes when they decide to lose weight. How many people have you heard say, 'I'm never drinking sodas or eating sweets again,' or 'I'm going to go to the gym everyday until I have the body I want?'

Look around. Not many of those people have the body they'd like, do they?

Continue reading this ViSalus review if you want to learn how you can join the successful five percent of dieters.

How ViSalus Can Make You Part of the 5 Percent

Over 3 million people have completed the Body by Vi Challenge.

The secret to its success is really simple. ViSalus doesn't force you to make drastic changes to your everyday life; it blends in and effortlessly and becomes a part of your life. You don't have to become an overnight chef, cook five to six meals a day, and eat portions that you could cup in your hand.

There are seven challenge kits offered, and each is carefully designed to accommodate different lifestyles. The heart and soul of each challenge kit is the nutritious, tasty shake that's easy to prepare and leaves you satisfied. As you take the included vitamins, anti-aging supplement, and energy supplement, you'll notice that you wake up with a pep in your step, you have energy throughout the day, and your skin emits a healthy, radiant glow.

It's so easy to lose weight and get the body you want with ViSalus. This is why there are so many people posting on Twitter, Facebook, and across the Internet about their amazing transformation. The ViSalus community is a unique group of high-energy, successful people, and you can be a part of this group, too.

ViSalus Reviews - Facebook Testimonial & Hulk Hogan!

*See Body By Vi Reviews for more information on the health and fitness with ViSalus, and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

Even Hulk Hogan, a fitness and health icon, has realized the amazing benefits of ViSalus. He completed the 90-day challenge at the age of 60 and lost two percent body fat and got his 12-pack abs back.

Not only are people getting the body of their dreams with ViSalus, some ViSalus distributors make more than $90,000 a month and earn up to a half-million dollar bonuses, as you see Rachel and Josh Jackson below.


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How You Can Pay Off Your Debt, Drive a New BMW, and Earn Six-Figure Bonuses with ViSalus

Unlike other ViSalus reviews, you have the opportunity to join the best team of ViSalus distributors, led by Rachel Jackson.

She started working in direct sales in 2006, and spent four and a half years experiencing modest success. During this time frame, she built business relationships and learned how to prioritize tasks and properly manage time.

In 2011, she discovered ViSalus and her life changed. In less time than it takes for an employee to get a 3 percent annual raise, she had reached the top of the compensation plan and earned a $500,000 bonus and a monthly income of over $95,000 a month. She was on track to earn over a million dollars a year in a quarter of the time it takes to earn a college degree....

...All while getting herself some sweet six pack abs.

(For more info on ViSalus weight loss products and the Body by Vi and Project 10 Challenges, check out our Body by Vi Reviews)

"While her success is phenomenal, how does this help me?"

Rachel set a goal to help 20 people on her team earn six figures. She greatly surpassed this goal, now helping over 70 people on her team earn a six-figure income.

"I want everyone on my team to experience the same level of success I have, and I will work with you to help you reach your potential."

- Rachel Jackson

You can live the life you've always wanted, be debt free, and have the time and money to travel the world. ViSalus also offers the Bimmer Club program, which pays for the cost of a new BMW. To date, over 10,000 people have earned a new ViSalus BMW —every 40 minutes a new promoter qualifies!

ViSalus Results - Ryan Yokome Testimonial for Rachel Jackson

Ryan Yokome's ViSalus Results - Just one of Rachel's many success stories!

In Four Years, Rachel Has Helped Over Seventy People Earn A Six-Figure Income... And Over Thirteen-Hundred People Drive A New BMW!

Picture sitting on the soft, handcrafted leather seats of your new, luxurious BMW. As you breathe in the new car smell and grip the leather-wrapped steering wheel, you turn the key and hear the menacing V-8 engine jump to life with a powerful roar.

You enter your destination on the vivid touchscreen navigation system. You're heading to your local bank branch to deposit your big fat bonus check. As you drive down the street, you have an uncontrollable smile on your face, you know you made the right choice.

This is the reality many others have experienced as a result of working with Rachel Jackson in ViSalus.

Join the most experienced team of ViSalus promoters, led by Rachel Jackson, and achieve your dreams.

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